Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Small Victory

Today I had to solve the problem of how I am going to get to work. My Camaro was not starting and I had a pretty good Idea what it was. When I turned the key the lights in the dash would come on but the car would not crank. That was a good indication of what the problem was (the starter). I couldn't find the damn thing but after taking a look in my car manual I figured it out. Now what? I thought to myself. I sure as hell am not going to replace it today. One I have no money to buy the starter and two i don't have to tools.
I remembered and old trick I have seen people do to get the car started. I went to the back yard and found a 3 foot slim tube. I stuck the tube into the engine until I reached the starter. Then I had my brother try and start the car as I hit the tube which was hitting the starter. In two bangs my Camaro was running.
I know its not a good fix but it got me to work and back.
In the end I felt pretty good about it. You have to appreciate the small victories as well as the big.

Oh and I also washed it.

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