Friday, October 10, 2008

Replacing the Clutch on My Camaro

Here is the BlueArrow getting ready for a brand new clutch. I couldn't afford anything fancy like a Zoom clutch but I did get a clutch by Perfection the makers of Zoom. I purchased the clutch from Advanced Auto parts and it wasn't to bad in price. I paid $99 plus tax for it and it also has a lifetime warranty so ehhh.
I do plan on upgrading the clutch as soon as I get some cash flow from my Internet marketing attempts. If you are wondering what I do to make some extra cash online visit my Project Payday Review. I am also going to drop a new transmission because I damaged the third gear along with my old clutch. So right now the BlueArrow isn't running or looking so good, but soon.

Here is a picture of the destruction I caused to the old clutch. I guess what happened is that the ball bearings broke loose and ravaged the entire clutch set. My mechanic told me that I was probably holding down the clutch to much. Which I do recall some occasions like anticipating the green light where I would hold down the clutch for a few seconds, but I have never ripped a clutch before for doing that. I think it may have to do more with the reverse gear in my transmission. Every time I put my car in reverse I can hear the gear scratch. It is like something is still spinning in there and takes a very long time to stop when I press down the clutch to shift in to reverse.

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